Welcome to the Niki Petitter Boutique

Pet Sits

Unable to take your pet away with you and would prefer your pet to stay at home rather than a kennel or cattery.

 No doubt they feel the same way too.

Pet and house sits, offers you a piece of mind that your pets will be in their

familiar surroundings while you are away.

Keeping the same routine as you the house sitter goes to work during the day

and returns in the evening for the night.

You can tailor make the package if you require a day time walk or companion time for your pet.

24/7 Pet sits can also be arrange.

Pet sits outside of Raumati to Waikanane incur a travel fee.

Rates start at $70 a night.

Walks and day time visits options available.

Email Niki Petsitter to arrange your overnight pet sit.

 Discounts for stays over 25 consecutive days.