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Who am I?

Niki Petsitter

Hi my name is Niki, how I became a pet sitter is a long story, but they say pets know how to heal hearts and its true.

For some reason companion pets and I get along, maybe because I like to sit on the floor with them, go for long slow strolls, splash in the incoming tide and go on adventures. I love to lounge on the couch eat pop corn watch tv and snuggle with a fur baby.

Common sense is my biggest qualification followed by a few first aid courses and a brief introduction the emergency pet rescue techniques.

While I was forced to give up dog walking as my main career choice I continue with all other aspects of the business

My other side hustles are Decluttering and organizing, I love it cannot get enough of sorting other peoples ciaos and madness into a functioning area again.

Since I've had to stop my long walking adventures I've taken to terrarium building, it brings a sense of calm that you can experience when submerged in nature.

I'm often at markets around the wellington region on several terrarium pages sharing all I've learned and deep in conversation with other enthusiast.

Product Questions

What happens if….

You receive the wrong product

  • Contact us straight away, it means someone had a brain fart, it happens to the best of us, we will dispatch the correct product as soon as we receive the wrong item back, as long as it's in tip top condition and has not been used.

Your product has a manufacturer's fault

  • Oh my! Get in touch asap, so we can talk to quality control, clean their glasses and do a bit of investigation once we receive the product back at home base and make an assessment from there.

Email nikipetsitter@gmail.com, send us a photo, definitely tell us what day you ordered the product so we can trace the transaction, if you purchased the item at one of our market stalls let us know which one and the date and the price.

My product looks a different colour

  • We make all attempts to capture the true colour of your item, however the digital world hasn’t done us much favours in this department.
  • Items cut from pattern fabric could and may well look different due to the position of the pattern when cut on the continuous roll of fabric. 

    How long will my Doggo snacks take to arrive

    • There should be a wee spiel on the snack page about the times we take to bake up the yummy snacks, as they are fresh baked we really don’t like to post them out on Thursdays and Fridays as we cannot trust the courier to keep them in a nice cool out of the sun place over the weekend.

    How long do Doggo snacks last

    • 5 minutes if it was up to your Doggo.
    • We try to encourage you to treat Doggo snacks like your nana's baking, it is at its best the first few days it's made, it needs to be kept in a cool dry dark place, the cinnamon and peanut butter snacks tend to last the longest as there is not a lot of moisture content. 

    My Doggo snacks arrived broken

    •  Sadly couriers are busy people and sometimes things get broken, and that includes doggo snacks, your fur kid really isn’t going to mind and sadly we don’t refund or replace broken snacks that occurred during transit. If they are going to be a gift we can add extra packaging and pray to courier gods for safe passage. 

    The mail person hasn’t delivered my package!

    • Oh dear oh dear, we can supply you with the parcel number the date it was sent and who it was sent by so that you can chase up the postie. Once the product has left our hands, it's out of our hands, you are welcome to talk to us about  track and trace and pay the additional price. 

    I don't want this product after all

    • As the majority of our products fall under health and safety regulations there isn’t much we can refund or replace for change of mind reasons as we need to ensure that nothing has been used before being sold to anyone. If in doubt, talk to us before you purchase.

    Once a product has left our humble abode it becomes your full responsibility for supervision and allergies, we list everything on the snacks, we do recommend introducing one flavour at a time for sensitive doggos. Always keep an eye on your pets when they play with anything whether it was purchased from us or anywhere, sometimes they are more inquisitive than hoomans however are not so good at saving themselves from weird predicaments. 

    This page is likely to get longer as time goes on and the more we learn  :)