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Snuffelen Mats are great enrichment source for dogs providing excellent mental stimulation enrichment and entertainment as they do what dogs do best forage for food.
Hide their treats or their dinner biscuits in the folds of fabric and watch them go, they are as much entertainment for you as they are for your doggo.
Not only are Snuffle Mats fantastic stimulation they can also help slow down the food gobbler and help them to feel fuller for longer.
They have been known to tire out puppies, and even cats have come on board to have a good snuffle for food.
Snuffle Mats can be used as a distraction for anxious dogs, perfect for fire work season and for when there are a lot of guests visiting.
Excellent for keeping a dog occupied after an operation.
People have even packed them up and taken them on holiday, as they are excellent for occupying dogs while your in the caravan trying to relax
Always supervise your pet.
Hand wash with a mild washing liquid, hose off, leave to dry.
Snuffle Mats only need to be washed when you can smell them, the more the smell builds up in the fabric the longer your pet will continue to snuffle.

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