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Another day at the Office

An oldie but a goodie

February 12 2020 

It had been a wasted scavenger hunt so they said, one bird wing between the three of them before the victor won and zoomed of down the hill chomping away with me in mad pursuit. They had been made to walk for miles through forests, deserts and over mountains, now back in the car on the way home they paced, restless, hungry, confused on why they had only been given two snacks each and not the entire jar, they were starving. Taking turns to peek over the seat to eye the snack jar the dissatisfied hungry pacing took a sudden pause, something had entered the car, something big black and noisy, all eyes zoned in on the source, a mass scrabble of body's rushed to the back window as the sound of the frantic cicada bounced off the window confused that it couldn't get through the invisible barrier, its attempts becoming more frantic as 4 pairs of eyes locked in, four mouths pushed to get closer their hot breath leaving condensation on the pane, a squeal of delight escaped one puppy and that was it, three bodies scrambled over each other in attempts to get to this new delight. I managed to pull the car over just in time to see the wings sticking outside someone mouth before fully being encased, a moment of silence and then the most horrific noise began, a cicada furiously trying to exit the mouth that caged it, the muffled sound of its wings beating frantically for freedom from the foul smelling drool soaked mouth that held it. Horrified I roared “ let it go” Success! the mouth opened in confusion and the stunned cicada fell to the floor alas it was too stunned and the savage beasts where to fast and it died in several chomps with its wings still beating madly praying for a miracle that only came with a swift death.